Take your passion and turn it into an audio podcast...

Learn how to Podcast


I am currently writing the Podcasting Unleashed e-book to help people create their own podcasts and audio for the web. This is in response to a growing number of people asking for advice in this area. Feel free to join the Podcasting Unleashed Google Group, ask questions and interact with others who are already producing or looking to produce their first podcasts.

The main topics will include:

  • Developing a podcasting strategy/Weaving it into your existing marketing
  • Planning your podcast/Getting ideas
  • Recording audio
  • Audio Post production/Putting together the show
  • Distributing your podcast so others can access it
  • Promoting your podcast

What people are saying

This is looking like it will be a particularly brilliant book. So far, you style is superb and very easy to understand – Steve Davis

Looking great! The chapter list looks fantastic now I think. By scanning that list I would certainly get reassurance that I’m going to find out everything I need to know, and that more importantly I could dip back in to it as a reference further down the line.

I really like Chapter 2 as well -  a nice mix of ’story appeal’ like the TV repair man story, and hands on technical stuff – Rob Watson

I think it’s fantastic… funny, intelligent, and bloody helpful! – Julie Stanford

Keep going – it’s great. The structure is excellent, and it will fill a big gap. I have already learned a lot and look forward to getting the future chapters – Ann Lewis

Red Dwarf? I love it..one of my all time favorites!

So far your book looks like great stuff; no smeg there. The sequence in the TOC is very logical and well thought out. I’ve been looking at other podcasting resources and most of them seem to rather disorganized and hard to follow.

Keep it coming. I look forward to your next installment – Bob Patterson

Update on the book

The book is currently in development, and I’m going to release it as a series of Kindle mini books. I’ll keep you informed as each book as released.